Our Mission


Lone Tree Archers is a non-profit organization that continually strives to provide our members with a safe, shooter-friendly place to practice the sport of archery.  We place safety above all other elements within our sport.  


We strive to provide an area for which our members can come, either as an individual or as a family, to enjoy the great outdoors experience of shooting archery in its natural elements.


We comply with all known regulatory requirements and focus our attention on "safety first" to ensure our members an enjoyable shooting experience.  All of our members are involved to ensure this statement is met.  



Our Goals



  • Promote a safe shooting environment for our members now and into the future.  

  • Promote the sport of archery to the youth of our community through education and activities.


  • Continual range improvement to ensure a safe, shooter-friendly natural environment.  


  • Provide a place where individuals and families can gather to spend quality time in the outdoors.


  • Strive to provide a shooting range that is as handicap accessible as humanly possible. 


  • Provide quality range target management to ensure archer's enjoyment in their shooting experience.  


  • Maintain a low impact field terrain methodology to ensure minimal environmental disruptions.


  • Strive to increase our membership base to ensure our club's survival through promotion and participation.


  • Meet all Montana State Land regulatory requirements.